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San Antonio, Texas Added: 5/27/07

San Antonio

Alamo Segway in San Antonio, Texas

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Our two-hour guided Segway tour of San Antonio is a wonderful way to take in the city's greatest attractions. You get to see all the sights including the Alamo, the King William Historic District, La Villita Historic Arts Village, Hemisfair Park, and many other sights along our 6.5 mile trail while experiencing the fun of a self-balancing, battery propelled BRAND NEW i2 Segway HT!

New Tour - Segway Sunset Tour... Come see San Antonio at sunset. See the beautiful Riverwalk, the Majestic Theater from 1929, El Mercado, the Alameda historic theater and Museum. Wow, and what about the Alamo at Sunset. Our tour covers 5 miles in two hours of the most historic sights on Houston Street and Alamo Plaza. Come see SA the Segway!!!!

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Alamo Segway

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Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience San Antonio gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Alamo Segway in San Antonio, Texas (USA).

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