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Segway Tours offer a new and exciting twist on an old vacation favorite. Guided tours have always been a popular way to get an insider's view of a tourist hot spot, vacation destination, or historic city, but Segway tours have an added element of fun. Instead of walking or riding on a bus, visitors can see the sights on a Segway tour through city streets and points of interest all around the US, Europe and other locations worldwide.

A Brief History

Since its introduction on December 3, 2001, the Segway® Personal Transporter has transformed guided tours in popular tourist destinations and historical cities, enabling tourists to view many more sights than a walking tour while still offering an up-close-and-personal experience. Most tours featuring the Segway PT are independently owned and operated by entrepreneurs passionate about both their locale and the Segway PT. This often results in a tour that is much more fun and lively than a traditional mass-market tour.

636 Segway Tours in 56 Countries

Use our Directory to quickly and easily find tours on the Segway® PT in one of 443 cities near your home or next travel destination and experience the sights from a Segway PT. Quickly find tour listings in popular locations with our find Segway tours page or use our browse all Segway tours page to view lists of all tour locations worldwide. Who knows, after gliding on a Segway PT you may even want to buy one for everyday travel!


Take a Tour on a Segway® PT Today!

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