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Annapolis, Maryland Added: 10/3/11


SegZone Tours in Annapolis, Maryland

Segway Tours in Annapolis, Maryland

Join the only Segway tour operation in Annapolis with a physical location for two tour options:

Let us transport you back to the 17th and 18th Centuries in this one hour (plus) Segway excursion. Glide past the oldest house in Annapolis, to the biggest, to the smallest. Witness the homes of three of the signers to the Declaration of Independence and hear some of their intricate secrets and compelling family stories. We then swing around to the third oldest College in the Nation; Get to experience 18th Century Architecture and see the historic Maryland State House. Find out why gate 3 of the historic US Naval Academy is famous and who is buried in one of the crypts in the Naval Academy yard; Circle around the scenic State and Church Circles all while enjoying picturesque Annapolis neighborhoods and local shops. This tour will for sure spike your imagination, while having tons of fun riding the Segway.

This tour combines the one hour historic tour with one hour of extra SegZone fun. The second hour ventures out of the historic downtown area to the charming neighborhoods of Murray Hill and beyond; We Segway past gorgeous multi-million dollar waterfront homes and cozy side streets that visitors rarely have a chance to see. On this part of the tour you will get a chance to ride on safe open roads, experience up hills and down hills, or even test the Segway's top speed by racing in the local park's track! We circle around to the scenic City Dock while allowing for plenty of stops to take photos along the way. You will for sure feel energized at the end of this tour!

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Annapolis, Maryland Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Annapolis gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by SegZone Tours in Annapolis, Maryland (USA).

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