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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Syracuse, Italy

Segway Tours in Syracuse, Italy

Between Greek archaeology and Baroque splendor by Segway PT!

In the small island of Ortigia, the ancient Greeks created the first nucleus of what in a few decades became one of the most powerful cities in the Mediterranean area. Going by Segway PT we will discover the most significant archaeological rests and monuments of the different periods.

The tour starts from the parking lot by the port where we will learn how to use our small vehicle. We will see the rest of the Greek walls built by Dionysius the Great and, not far away from the bridge, the Apollo temple which is located in Piazza Pancali.

Along Corso Matteotti we reach Piazza Archimede where we can see the beautiful fountain which represents the goddess Artemis and the nymph Arethusa. Via Roma leads us near the Cathedral along which we will see the Greek columns that make up the backbone of the church.

From Via Minerva we reach Piazza Duomo where we find the Archbishop's Palace, the eighteenth-century Palazzo Benevento del Bosco and the Town Hall. From here we drive to the Arethusa Spring, with its papyrus plants, and continue, following the port, up to the Castle Maniace.

The tour of the island will be complete driving along the Lungomare di Levante to the Post Office Square and then crossing the Bridge Umberto. We continue along Corso Gelone and reach the sanctuary to Our Lady of Tears. Nearby there are the Regional Archaeological Museum and the Catacombs of San Giovanni.

Not far away from here there is the archaeological park called Neapolis, where we can see the Greek theatre, the ear of Dionysius and Roman amphitheatre.

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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents

Syracuse, Italy Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Syracuse gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Syracuse, Italy (Sicily region).

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