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Segway Aspen in Aspen, Colorado

Segway Tours in Aspen, Colorado

Enjoy a scenic tour loop around the outskirts of Aspen. See beautiful views of Ajax and surrounding mountains. Glide by Smuggler Mine and admire unique elegant homesteads.

Tour Options:

West End Beginner Tour
We start our Segway tour of Aspen from the gondola plaza. We make a loop around the outskirts of Aspen. Sights include Aspen's unique "West End" residential homes, beautiful city parks, Smuggler Mine, surrounding mountains, and incredible views. Ride time is approximately 1hr plus training.

Red Mountain Advanced Tour
On the advanced Aspen Segway tour we start by the gondola, then glide by Smuggler Mine. After that we head toward Red Mountain cruising past multimillion dollar mansions until we reach the end of the pavement. But it doesn't stop there. We continue up on a gravel road until we reach the Upper Hunter Creek Tail. We continue the Aspen Segway tour with a peaceful ride through the west end of town. Total ride time is approximately 1Hr 30mins maybe more depending on stops etc.

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Segway Aspen

Aspen, Colorado Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Aspen gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segway Aspen in Aspen, Colorado (USA).

Segway Aspen is:

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  • One of 8 tours operated in Colorado
  • One of 319 Segway tours offered in the USA
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