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Segway Tours in Stockholm, Sweden

Segway Tours in Stockholm, Sweden

Enjoy our exciting Segway guided historical tour of Stockholm, Sweden accompanied by two tour leaders, one a certified tour guide who will provide interesting historical facts! We meet inside Gallerian and start our journey by way of Kungstradgarden (the Royal Garden) and Nybroviken. The tour continues along the embankment and Strandvagen out to Djurgarden. We turn towards Junibacken in Galarparken and the Vasa museum. Cruise down to the waterfront and pass beautiful views of boats, ships and museums. Then back up to the main road, passing antique tram buildings, Grona Lund and Skansen.

Now it's time for a royal touch! One of Stockholm's ten royal castles is situated on Djurgarden. Rosendals castle and gardens date back to the 1820's. We drive on through Stockholm's green Ekopark - on nice paths all the way to Djurgarden bridge. Then we continue on to Gallerian by way of Strandvagen, Blasieholmen and Kungstradgarden. During the tour we stop for photo opportunities. We also take photos of the tour group that are uploaded to our site, you can even send them as electronic postcards to friends and family!

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Segway Tours

Stockholm, Sweden Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Stockholm gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segway Tours in Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm region).

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