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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Taormina, Italy

Segway Tours in Taormina, Italy

Panoramic views and picturesque alleys on a Segway PT!

Thanks to its magnificent location on Mount Tauro, its Greek-roman ruins and its medieval streets, Taormina has been one of the most popular destinations for ancient and modern travellers.

We meet on the terrace above the parking lot "Porta Catania" and from here starts our visit. Here we learn how to use our electric vehicle and then enter the city through the arch of Porta Catania. We reach Piazza Duomo where there are the fountain with the "Centauressa" - symbol of Taormina - and the City Hall.

We continue towards the ancient monastery of San Domenico, now one of the most luxurious hotels of Sicily and then, after passing Porta di Mezzo, we arrive in Piazza IX Aprile, known as the Belvedere.

We take the main street (Corso Umberto) and turn onto Via Giovanni Di Giovanni to cross the Villa Comunale.

Leaving the park we head towards the town's most famous monument, the Greek-roman theatre. Once we leave the theatre we take Via Teatro Greco and Corso Umberto towards Porta Messina.

Finally, we pass in front of the Capuchin church and return to the parking lot "Porta Catania".

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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents

Taormina, Italy Segway Tours

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