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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Palermo, Italy

Segway Tours in Palermo, Italy

Through the streets of Palermo by Segway PT!

Modern and charming metropolis with marked characters, Palermo has been playing for centuries the role of capital of Sicily. The attentive visitor will discover the extraordinary liveliness of its urban fabric and the wealth of its Arab-norman, baroque and neoclassical monuments.

In via dello Spezio we'll learn to use the Segway PT and then begin our tour, passing the Teatro Politeama-Garibaldi and covering the Ruggero Settimo street, we reach the Verdi Square, dominated by the Teatro Massimo, the largest opera house of Italy.

Once crossed the Arab flavoured Capo market, going on to Beati Paoli Square and Settangeli Square, we reach the Cathedral. From there we continue to the nearby Piazza della Vittoria, which is overlooked by the Norman Palace and the Bishop's Palace and where, in the contiguous Villa Bonanno, traces of the Roman city are preserved.

Through via dei Biscottari we reach Bologni Square, where stand the Palaces Villafranca and Belmonte-Riso, together with the monument after Charles V. G. D'Alessi street leads to Bellini Square with the churches S. Cataldo and St. Mary's of the Admiral also called Martorana, both in Arab-norman style. Then passing by the alley S. Caterina we arrive at the Town Hall Square with the Pretoria fountain and a view to the church S. Giuseppe dei Teatini and the Four Corners of the city.

Along the Discesa dei Giudici and crossing via Roma we reach S. Anna Square with the homonymous church and former convent of S. Anna that now houses the Gallery of Modern Art. Continuing on the square Croce dei Vespri, overlooking the Gangi Palace, and then on Aragona Square, we reach the church S. Francesco d'Assisi; close to it there is the oratory of S. Lorenzo decorated by Giacomo Serpotta.

With Merlo street we reach Mirto Palace and from there to the nearby Marina Square with the Garibaldi Garden and the Steri-Chiaramonte Palace. On the Alloro street there is the Regional Gallery of Abatellis Palace, from which through the Salvezza alley you come to the Oratorio dei Bianchi and the nearby church S. Maria dello Spasimo, examples of medieval architecture.

From there one goes to the direction of Kalsa Square, with the church of S. Teresa alla Kalsa, from which, passing through the Greek's Gate, you get to the Foro Italico, city's seafront and from here you go to the garden Villa a Mare from which you can see the Mura delle Cattive, the Butera Palace, the Felice Gate, the Loggiato di S. Bartolomeo and the church of S. Maria della Catena.

Here begins the ancient port of Palermo said the Cala, you pass the church S. Giorgio dei Genovesi, XIII Vittime Square and the area of Castellammare. Continuing onto via Francesco Crispi passing the modern harbour and through the via Principe di Belmonte and the final part of via Roma you return to via dello Spezio where our Segway PT tour finishes.

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