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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Padua, Italy

Segway Tours in Padua, Italy

Through the ancient and erudite Padua on a Segway PT!

We're getting ready to discover the most ancient part of the historic centre of Padua, the part that represents the typical city of Veneto, with its "Piazza dell Erbe", "piazza della Frutta", the Saint Anthony Square and Prato della Valle.

Padua was a very important city since the roman age, but its cultural and artistic history is linked to its famous and ancient University.

On Segway PT it's possible to discover Padua's most charming places, hiding between long and low porticos, and its most famous and beautiful monuments, such as the Reason Palace (Palazzo della Ragione), St. Anthony's Basilica, the monument to Gattamelata by Donatello, the Eremitani Church, close to the Scrovegni Chapel, frescoed by Giotto.

Prato della Valle will be the meeting point, an ideal place for getting familiar with your Segway PT.

Through safe streets we'll reach little by little the beating heart of Padua: the University, the City Hall and Coffeehouse Pedrocchi. Then our tour will lead us to Eremitani Square and the Arena Gardens.

We'll come back to the historic centre, to visit the characteristic squares that are the background of different monuments, towers, churches and celebrated palaces.

We'll have the occasion, thanks to Segway PT, to get near some palaces, as the City Hall or to find, in the streets through the squares, the Jewish Synagogue, to come finally out on "piazza Erbe".

Last but not least, the inevitable meeting with the S. Anthony's Basilica and the Botanic Garden, that is so valuable to be part of the Unesco's world estate.

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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents

Padua, Italy Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Padua gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Padua, Italy (Veneto region).

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