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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Catania, Italy

Segway Tours in Catania, Italy

Through Catania, among Roman and Baroque antiquities... on a Segway PT!

The curious visitor can see in Catania traces of the imperial Roman age, a medieval castle and many palaces with enchanting late-baroque facades. Roaming on a Segway PT you will be able to visit the entire old town in half a day.

We will start from Villa Pacini, a green area in front of the harbour, where we will learn together how to use our Segway PT. From here we will reach Piazza Duomo. This is the heart of the town where there are Catania's symbol, an elephant in lava stone and the city hall.

Taking via Etnea we will cross Piazza Universita. From here we go to Piazza Vincenzo Bellini where there is the wonderful lyrical theatre named after Vincenzo Bellini.

Going along Via Etnea, we will reach Piazza Stesicoro, where we will see the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre and the monument to Vincenzo Bellini, Catania's swan.

Having covered another piece of Via Etnea, vibrant street with commercial activities and meeting places, we will cross the green area of the public garden, well known as "Villa Bellini", so we will reach the high part of the town where we will admire in Piazza Dante the church San Nicola and the Benedictine's Monastery.

After that we will penetrate into the baroque town, crossing Via Crociferi, chosen by different film makers to be the set of many movies ("Storia di una capinera - Sparrow" by Franco Zeffirelli adapted from the homonymous novel by Giovanni Verga, and "I Vicere - The viceroys" by Roberto Faenza itself drawn from the novel by Federico De Roberto) to arrive, after passing under the arch San Benedetto, to piazza San Francesco and then to Piazza Federico di Svevia, where we will find out the castle Ursino built in the XIII century, today the only evidence still visible of the medieval town.

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Catania, Italy Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Catania gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Catania, Italy (Sicily region).

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