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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Monza, Italy

Segway Tours in Monza, Italy

Choice of two tours: Monza and its Medieval historic center or Royal Villa, with its gardens and the park.

Monza and its Medieval historic center by Segway PT!

This tour is designed for those who wish to know the most meaningful works of art and architecture in the historic centre of Monza.

Starting out from Villa Reale we reach "New Bridge" (Ponte Nuovo), the ancient gateway to the city of Monza and then running alongside a section of the man-made Lambretto canal, which was built by order of Azzone Visconti between 1333 and 1336 and which, in the Middle Ages, was topped by a fortified wall. We stop to visit the ancient San Gerado hospital and slightly beyond, to see the Roman-age "d'Arena bridge". Then we continue our reminiscences of Manzoni in Monza at the "St Maurice Cloister".

The path also reaches the ancient Spalto Isolino mill and Largo Mazzini, the square near the railway station, which was the second station built in Italy. Then we proceed to the Cathedral rebuilt in gothic shape since 1300s, passing Santa Maria in Strada, a Franciscan church in the Lombard gothic style.

The itinerary offers the tourist an opportunity to see the most important goldsmith works of late antiquity, to appreciate some of the prime sculptors of Campion and to view the frescos in the Zavattari Chapel, a late Lombard gothic gem that holds the "Iron Crown" (Corona Ferrea).

The visit continues along Via Lambro which once held the "Salt Customs House" and which still has signs of the ancient tower house and shuttered houses. Finally the itinerary ends with an analysis of the Arengario (city hall) and the Dominican cloister San Pietro Martire.

Royal Villa, with its gardens and the park by Segway PT!

To keep up with the nobles of Milan, the son of Maria Teresa of Austria wanted a summer residence in the Brianza hills. The "ville di delizie" or pleasure palace, conceived for the physical and spiritual leisure of the nobles, was completed with gardens.

This tour offers a historic-artistic analysis of Villa Reale, the exclusive English garden designed for the nobility by Piermarini and the rediscovered Monza Park as well as some historic homes, some rural buildings and the most antique sports facilities preserved in the park.

Starting from Villa Reale we proceed to the lovely Cascina San Fedele, built around 1810 by the architect Canonica, then on to Ville Mirabellino, designed in 1776 by the architects Galliori and Mirabello on a previous building designed in 1656 by Quadrio for the Durini family. We then move on to discover the new sculptural works by Giuliano Mauri and Giancarlo Negri and finally reach the ancient Franciscan Cloister of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Frette bleachworks, a major example of industrial archaeology. Here we can complete our analysis of the urban layout of the park designed by architect Canonica, of the land use and of use of the waters from the Lambro River as well as some of the architecture found within this landscape.

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