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Consorzio Segway Tours e Rents in Rome, Italy

Segway Tours in Rome, Italy

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Tour 1
Meeting point - departure and end of the ride - in Ugo La Malfa Square, near Circus Massimo, an ideal place for getting familiar with your Segway PT.

The fascinating discovery that Imperial Rome still exist starts from Circus Massimo. Further down San Gregorio Street you reach Constantine's Arch, which celebrate the Emperor's victory over Maxentius in 315 AD. From there, you can get a lovely view of the Coliseum, the most famous Roman Circus and symbol of Rome, where gladiators fought against other gladiators or against wild fairs for almost five centuries.

You may want to go around the Coliseum to better enjoy the imperial environment and take the Forum Imperial Street, which leads to Venezia Square, the medieval fortress-palace. From there you can see the Vittoriano, shining white limestone Homeland's Altar built in the middle of the City.

Leaving the Campidoglio on your left side, you go down Marcello Theatre Street, where you can admire the Circus Maximo, which was the biggest circus in the Imperial Rome, and hit the "Mouth of Truth", where you should take a rest. Going back through pine and cypress trees you reach Ugo La Malfa Square (which in the past was called Romolo e Remo square), where your ride comes to the end.

Tour 2
Discover Rome's Baroque side, and find out one of the nicest, and most charming cities in the world.

The fascination of this Segway PT Tour begins with Piazza Farnese magnificent proportions; this is the perfect place to get trained with your Segway PT, with the prestigious view of Palazzo Farnese on your back. Next to it, Campo de' Fiori, the most ancient open air fruit and vegetable market in Rome: this is the "quintessential square of the Romans".

Nearby, we will discover Piazza Navona: the Baroque Rome's lounge, stage for the masterpieces of the two main artists of the 17th century, Bernini and Borromini. Walking along the Senate building, we will get to the Pantheon, round temple par excellence, splendid example for generations of modern and ancient architects.

We will go, then, to Piazza di Pietra, a place that is not well-known, but very charming: it owes its name to the presence of the Tempio di Adriano, whose side (that is almost intact), today has been absorbed by the "Borsa" building.

If the pedestrian traffic allows it, we will get to Fontana di Trevi, surely the most spectacular and famous of Rome's fountains, that shows the Acqua Vergine, the aqueduct built by Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, in Rome, in 19 B.C. to fuel his Thermae.

We pass, then, in front of Montecitorio, where, since 1871, there is the Camera dei Deputati. From his design, to its present look, the Bulding passed through different phases and interventions made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Carlo Fontana and Ernesto Basile. Inside, there are works of Rosai, Carra, De Chirico,Viani, Boldini, Campigli and among the paintings, the Marriage at Cana, of Paolo Veronese school.

Walking through Via dei Coronari, the street of Roman antiques, we get to one of the most famous monuments in Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo, with its cryptic atmospheres. Let's have a look, now, to S. Peter's square perspective, Bernini's masterpiece.

Entering Via Giulia and crossing Ponte Sisto, we penetrate to Trastevere, where we will see Santa Maria in Trastevere Basilica, the true heart of popular Rome. Now it is time to come back from where we started.

Tour 3
Rome Segway PT tour in Villa Borghese!

The Villa Borghese Segway tour takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome, seen from her green heart, Villa Borghese. By Segway PT you will be able to go through astonishing paths, through wonderful artistic beauties within a luxuriant nature, away from traffic, among secular trees and lovely fountains.

Meeting point - departure and end of the ride - in Bioparco - Villa Borghese Zoo - an ideal place for getting familiar with your Segway PT.

In the middle of the green, you can easily reach the Canonica Museum and the little House of Roses. Then you continue till the Temple of Diana and, while enjoying the majesty of the park, the immensity of the blue sky, you bump in Piazza di Siena.

Time is arisen to go through Lake Gardens and enjoy the mirror of the lake's water, and then reach the Canonica Avenue that drives to the Pincio, from whose terrace you can admire Rome at your feet.

Come back to earth for admiring the Valadier's House and continues til the Water Watch Fontaine. You are on your way back to Canonica Avenue, where your ride comes to the end.

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