Segway of Sanibel

Sanibel Island, Florida Added: 6/15/05

Sanibel Island

Segway of Sanibel in Sanibel Island, Florida

Segway Tours in Sanibel Island, Florida

Explore the tropical island by taking a tour with Segway of Sanibel! With a variety of tours to choose from, you will enjoy an environmentally friendly tropical island adventure. The tours provide a new experience by combining cutting-edge technology with nature's spectacular scenery. You will learn about the island's native and exotic plants, wildlife habitat, hurricane facts, and island history. So, what are you waiting for... Get Movin', Mon!

Also, Segway of Sanibel offers custom tours for corporate functions and special events. If you have an event and would like to feature Segway PTs, we can provide the Segways and training for you!

Reservations are required. Please visit our website or call us for complete details! We'll see you in paradise!

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Segway of Sanibel

Sanibel Island, Florida Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Sanibel Island gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segway of Sanibel in Sanibel Island, Florida (USA).

Segway of Sanibel is:

  • The only Segway tour available in Sanibel Island
  • One of 62 tours operated in Florida
  • One of 325 Segway tours offered in the USA
  • One of 636 Segway Guided Tours in the World

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