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ContempoRide Segway in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Experience the Old Town Scottsdale history as your travel through the art district! You will begin your tour gliding through the Art District which houses some of the most prestigious artists in the country. Your next destination is a journey into the past as we glide into Old Town Scottsdale. Experience the Segway at its best as you glide through the many twists and turns past beautiful gardens and fountains at the Civic Center Plaza. You will then cross over to the multi-million dollar Waterfront, sailing by the most upscale and modern living in Scottsdale with a blend of restaurants and boutiques to tempt you.

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ContempoRide Segway

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Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Scottsdale gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by ContempoRide Segway in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA).

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