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Yountville, California Added: 6/12/09


Segway Napa in Yountville, California

Segway Tours in Yountville, California

Get the real feel of the Wine Country on a Segway - up close and personal! Glide through historic landmarks, vineyards, see where some of the top restaurants in the US are located, visit a winery or two along the way. Lot's of photo ops here - and if you have teens with you, we provide juice of cabernet or merlot - but you adults get to have some fantastic wine from one of the Valley's best boutique wineries. (Includes wine and cheese.)

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Segway Napa

Yountville, California Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Yountville gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segway Napa in Yountville, California (USA).

Segway Napa is:

  • The only Segway tour available in Yountville
  • One of 48 tours operated in California
  • One of 319 Segway tours offered in the USA
  • One of 633 Segway Guided Tours in the World

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