Gray Line of Seattle

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Gray Line of Seattle in Seattle, Washington

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We'll begin by heading down the Seattle Waterfront towards the commercial and tourist areas of Elliot Bay, where we'll glide past the Aquarium, boat tour companies, and a variety of restaurants. After maneuvering past the Washington State Ferry Terminal, we'll head up into Pioneer Square, seeing the birthplace of UPS, as well as making a quick stop at the Nation's smallest National Park, located in the heart of our historic area. Next we'll head through the art district to Pike Place Market, where a special treat awaits as you dodge flying fish in this famous open air market. Through the shopping district we'll roll as we make our way over to the Space Needle and Seattle Center grounds, where there is plenty of room to stretch out and test your courage.

After a quick break, we'll head downhill and explore the glory of Myrtle Edwards Park, which stretches down the north end of the Waterfront. After looking for seals and other sea life, we'll zip back over to our starting point, where you will be the envy of everyone there as they see you glide in on your Segway!

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Gray Line of Seattle

Seattle, Washington Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Seattle gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Gray Line of Seattle in Seattle, Washington (USA).

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