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Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida

Segway Tours in Hollywood, Florida

We'll meet you on the Hollywood Broadwalk (on the beach), train you, and then take you for the coolest ride on the coolest machine...

We'll travel the full length of the Broadwalk and beyond (7.5 miles roundtrip). All our excursions are private... just you and a guide (2 person minimum). In other words, no dorky "group" traveling with you.

You'll see the restaurants, the shops and, no doubt, some fine lookin' natives along the way - We start slow, and gradually pick-up speed. We cover twice the distance (as other tours) in half the time... and toward the end, we let you demo our HANDS-FREE Segway. We're the only company in the States where you can take a spin on one! -- If you think the regular Segway is cool, wait until you try the HANDS-FREE.

You'll not only get your bearings, you'll learn how to ride, really ride, the coolest machine in the world.

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Hollywood, Florida Segway Tours

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