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SegTours, LLC in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Segway Tours in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Experience the history of the Gettysburg battlefield under the direction of a Licensed Battlefield Guide. Our tours will take you along both Union and Confederate lines, encompass all three days of the battle, and all of the most famous sites, including the Lutheran Theological Seminary in the north, the Seminary Ridge and the Virginia State Memorial in the West, Culp's Hill and the observation tower in the east, and Little Round Top, Devil's Den, the Wheatfield, and the Peach Orchard in the south... and the hundreds of monuments in between.

But rather than just ride through these areas, you'll learn about their roles in the three-day battle, their context in history, and their effects on the rest of the war. Our tour guides average more than 20 years experience and are licensed by the U.S. Park Service. From the point of the action, you'll hear dramatic accounts of the first clash northeast of Gettysburg, fighting through the streets of the town, numerous military blunders and heroic defenses, the race to Little Round Top, two desperate bayonet charges, and Pickett's Charge from both the north and south perspective. Tours range from a 30-minute "Segway Experience" to a 2.5 hour tour around the main battlefield, including rest stops, refreshments, and plenty of photo opportunities. We use only second generation (I2) Segways with LeanSteer technology so it is not just a unique educational experience - it is easy and fun!

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