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Montana Segway in Billings, Montana

Segway Tours in Billings, Montana

Come experience a Segway Tour and see just how easy it is to glide on one! Take a tour and see various sights Billings has to offer. Have you ever travelled somewhere and seen people on Segways? What is one thing in common that everyone had on? A SMILE! How can you not enjoy being on one?

Now is the time. If you are planning a trip somewhere, or going on a cruise, and want to take a tour on a Segway, but have been too shy to try it? Our friendly staff will carefully show you how it is done, and keep the training wheels on until you are ready. We won't let go until you tell us to. In a few short minutes, you won"t want to get off the machine!!

Montana Segway currently has 4 popular Segway tour routes in Billings. Look them over and find the one that appeals to you.

Black Otter Trail
This tour starts at Applebee's on Main Street and goes up Black Otter Trail and follows the rims to the Airport. This tour offers a great scenic view of Billings.

Josephine Crossing
This tour starts at Preston Park in Josephine Crossing and goes along the Yellowstone River, past Norm"s Island and to Riverfront Park. This tour features the New X2 Segways with bigger ATV type tires.

Shiloh Adventure
This tour starts at the Zoo Montana parking lot and follows Shiloh road on an easy wide trail that winds through the wetlands reclamation area.

Alkali Creek
Starting from the Oasis Water Park, enjoy this scenic tour along Alkali Creek and a loop around Hilltop Subdivision.

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Montana Segway

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Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Billings gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Montana Segway in Billings, Montana (USA).

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