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Euro Segway Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

Segway Tours in Barcelona, Spain

Fresh sea breeze, cruise ships, beaches and palm trees remind us that Barcelona is first of all a maritime tourist center of Europe. The best opportunity to discover this city is Segway trip.

We offer you to experience the atmosphere of the Gothic quarter, to ride on a Segway along the yacht docks and beaches to the observation deck of "W" hotel, then by the Barceloneta beaches to the Olympic harbor and to the end of harbors mall. After the harbor you will visit the Citadella Park and celebrate the triumph of your tour under the Triumphal arch.

All the Segway tours run only on sidewalks and bike trails of Barcelona, excluding the car roads to provide maximum safety for the tour participants.

Our routes vary from 60 minutes up to 4 hours. No matter which tour you choose you will get maximum pleasure and lots of fantastic photos.

Before the tour our professional trainers will teach you how to drive Segway and each tour participant will get a free bottle of water and a helmet. In case of rain we will provide you with raincoats. The tour guidance and photo shooting on our or your camera is also gratis.

We are able to guide groups up to 25 people, due to safety reasons and for our guests comfort each subgroup of 6 people will be guided by a separate guide. Children under 12 years old are able to take part in the tour.

We recommend you to book your Segway tour in advance; in that case we will guarantee that the needed amount of Segways on certain day in Barcelona will be booked for you.

Looking forward to see you and wish you a good trip!

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Euro Segway Barcelona

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Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Barcelona gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Euro Segway Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain (Catalonia region).

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