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segs in the city in Baltimore, Maryland

Segway Tours in Baltimore, Maryland

Inner City Safari. Designated as Maryland's first National Historic District, Fell's Point is now considered an upscale neighborhood with a strong artist community. Segway by the 'trendy' waterfront restaurants, boutiques and pubs on our way to Robert Long's house dating back to 1765. Then on to the waterfront and historic Patterson Park one of the oldest parks in Baltimore. Patterson Park is renown as the site where Baltimoreans rallied on September 12, 1814 to protect the city from the threat of a British invasion. As we ride through the park you will experience the capabilities of the segway and be exposed to the diversity of this unique neighborhood from regular local festivals in the park to the large Pagoda on Fort Hill.

Mini Habor Safari. Dating back to 1730, Fell's Point is Baltimore's original deepwater harbor offering an eclectic array of cobblestone streets, historic buildings, waterside walkways, harbor views, and uniqe stores, bars and restaurants. Glide past 18th and 19th Century dwellings featuring antebellum and Victorian architecture. Segway along the streets that made this shipbuilding neighborhood a target of the British in 1812. Then retrace the steps of one of its most famous residents, Frederick Douglass, before he escaped slavery and went on to lead the abolutionist movement. Then step into today and imagine the filming of Sleepless in Seattle and the scenes that sparked the production of Hairspray. We'll take you to those locations and cover all of the highlights on our fast-paced safari.

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Baltimore, Maryland Segway Tours

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