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St. Augustine, Florida Added: 9/11/11

St. Augustine

Segs By The Sea in St. Augustine, Florida

Segway Tours in St. Augustine, Florida

Take our "Segway PT Experience" in Historic St. Augustine. We offer a variety of tours. The Historic Fun Tour is a great way to get an overview the city. See many famous landmarks and architecture, enjoy the intra-coastal waterway, and explore interesting nooks that are tucked away everywhere. We will do our best to customize the tours to your groups needs. Segway PTs are very intuitive and user friendly and absolutely the most fun way to explore the quaint historic City of Saint Augustine. Capture the spirit of St. Augustine with all your senses! Our tours are up close and personal. Cruise picturesque streets of true southern charm. Behold the conquest, culture, and natural wonder of this incredible, original town. With nearly 500 years of history, St. Augustine is filled with landmarks and historic sites that will educate and entertain. The Segway takes you as far back in history as a North American Town can get, while getting there and back on modern day technology. Tours are scheduled by appointment only and free parking is available. Make sure to bring your camera to capture your "Segway PT Experience". Please call for more information or visit our website.

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Segs By The Sea

St. Augustine, Florida Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience St. Augustine gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segs By The Sea in St. Augustine, Florida (USA).

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