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Congratulations on your guided tour featuring the Segway® PT, we hope it is successful and enjoyable! The Segway Guided Tours directory is a marketing tool for tour operators like yourself, and is most valuable if your listings are current and accurate. After your listing is added, please send us an update whenever your tour information changes.

Tour Listing Locations

An important concept to keep in mind is that we are a directory of Guided Tours, not Tour Operators. The Directory is designed to help a visitor who wants to take a tour in a specific location. This means that if a single tour company has two tours, in two "distinctly different" locations, they will have two separate listings.

For example, visiting San Francisco is very different than visiting Oakland, even though they are only separated by a bridge. A tour operator with tours in both cities would have two listings. Yet while "distinctly different" typically means different cities, it doesn't always. For example, Dallas-Fort Worth is considered a single tourist destination, and tours in either of those cities will only get a single listing.

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To add your tour, simply complete our update form. To update your existing tour, use the same update form and tell us what has changed in the comments section.

Advertising on SegwayGuidedTours.com

Yes, there is advertising on SGT. Since the beginning, this site has been our contribution to the Segway community. We accept advertising in an effort to defray our development and hosting costs.

How You Can Advertise on SGT

SegwayGuidedTours.com primarily displays ads served through the Google AdWords system, as seen on this page. If you would like your ad to appear on this website and you are not yet utilizing Google AdWords in your online marketing efforts, visit the AdWords website to learn more and start your targeted advertising campaign now!

Additional Display Advertising

SegwayGuidedTours.com rarely though occasionally accepts display advertising for relevant products and services. If you would like your custom display ad to appear on this website please contact us with your proposal.

Online Tour Reservations

Over the years we have considered the idea of partnering with an online tour reservation system, integrating it within the Directory. Tour operators who have signed on with the service could not only include online bookings on their own website, but visitors to our Directory could immediately book your tour. If this interests you and you have already selected a reservation booking system, please let us know!

Start Your Own Segway Tour

Are you considering starting your own tour business? The folks at Segway Inc. would love to talk with you! Visit their Become a Tour Operator page to learn more about becoming an affiliated Segway PT Tour Operator and starting your own Segway Authorized tour.

The Segway Community

There is an active community of Segway dealers, owners, tour operators and others online at www.SegwayChat.org. Be sure to visit, it has been an excellent resource for information relating to all things Segway over the years.


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