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Segway Nova Scotia in Wolfville, Canada

Segway Tours in Wolfville, Canada

Segway Nova Scotia and Muir Murray Estate Winery offer this unique and fun experience. Your guided tour will start with a glide along the beautiful, scenic, historic dykes of the Minas Basin, home to the highest tides in the World. Then we will glide to Evangeline Beach, where we will stop for a short break, while you take in the view of Cape Blomidon, breathe the fresh air, and learn about the history and ecosystems of the surrounding area.

We will then glide back along the dykes to the Winery, where you will have a guided tour of the vineyard, have some refreshments, and learn about winemaking in the Annapolis Valley. You will then be taken to the beautiful tasting room to sample the fabulous wines produced at this winery.

$79.99/person plus HST tax. Daily: 10:30am-2pm; 3pm-6:30pm (Includes refreshments). 24-hour pre-booking required.

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Segway Nova Scotia

Wolfville, Canada Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Wolfville gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Segway Nova Scotia in Wolfville, Canada (Nova Scotia region).

Segway Nova Scotia is:

  • The only Segway tour available in Wolfville
  • The only tour operated in the Nova Scotia region
  • One of 13 Segway tours offered in Canada
  • One of 634 Segway Guided Tours in the World

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