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Lisbon By Segway in Lisbon, Portugal

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Lisbon by Segway is not the conventional Segway tour. We are the newest, biggest, coolest, cheapest and MOST MODEST Segway tour company in town.

We are local guys who love to show you their city. Lisbon is not just its monuments. Lisbon is its monuments, light, passion, river, sun, viewpoints, parks, food and people. We designed unique tours so you can enjoy Lisbon the way we want you to know it. This is what we want you to know. It's how we want you to remember it. Welcome to our beloved city, Lisboa!

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Lisbon By Segway

Lisbon, Portugal Segway Tours

Enjoy a unique Segway tour and experience Lisbon gliding on a Segway PT with a guided tour offered by Lisbon By Segway in Lisbon, Portugal (Lisbon region).

Lisbon By Segway is:

  • One of 4 Segway tours available in Lisbon
  • One of 6 tours operated in the Lisbon region
  • One of 12 Segway tours offered in Portugal
  • One of 633 Segway Guided Tours in the World

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